Gabriel Gati, MS, PhD

Environmental Specialist and GIS Analysis

Gabriel Gati is an environmental specialist with master degrees in risk assessment and in integrated resources, waste management and a PhD in veterinary medicine. He is a GIS Analyst assessing spatial and temporal relations and reactions to recreate real conditions of pollution, exposure and risk for the wellbeing. He has been part of the research team of national and international projects: Delta Bio Tox, in collaboration with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, focusing on an integrated assessment for two types of risks – heavy metals and pathogens – that could impact the local biodiversity of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.  He also contributed to other projects of the State University of New York (SUNY), University at Albany Grants, called – Arsenic exposure and spontaneous pregnancy loss in Romania (2011-2013 & 2013-2017).
Professional development: Public Health at Yale University and State University of New York, Albany, New York State Department of Health (NYS DoH) and an internship program on waterborne parasitology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences.