The Environmental Health Center is involved in research and development, training and consulting activities in the field of environmental and occupational health, industrial hygiene, environmental and occupational toxicology.

Over the last 20 years, EHC has been involved in national research projects, large European Union multinational research projects, and is also collaborating with US education/research institutions. such as: State University of New York, School of Public Health, Albany; Yale University, School of Public Health; Louisiana State University; ORD, Cincinnati USEPA.

The EHC lab is equipped with: AASs with graphite furnaces and hydride generation systems, LC-ICP-MS, X-Ray Fluorescence, Headspace-FID, ECD-GC, GC-MS, UV-VIS, Infrared spectrometry, direct reading instruments from electrochemical to infrared and X-ray, sound and noise dosimeters, climate and microclimate instruments, sampling equipment from pumps and personal monitoring pumps to isokinetic probes and automatic sampling devices, along with many others.