Ing. Emese Fazakas, PhDc

Environmental engineer

Fazakas Emese, environmental engineer, toxicologist, has a Master’s Degree in Risk Assessment and Environmental Security, and Toxicology. She is currently an environmental engineer at Environmental Health Center in Cluj-Napoca. Her main research interest is environmental health risk assessment of metals and organic compounds. Mrs. Fazakas has a record of participation in large European projects such as: “Demonstration of a study to Coordinate and Perform Human Biomonitoring on a European Scale” – acronyms COPHES and DEMOCOPHES, “Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe” – acronym SINPHONIE, and US projects such as: “Arsenic contaminated drinking water and spontaneous pregnancy loss” in collaboration with State University of New York, University at Albany, and many other national studies.

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